Promotex & Herpa Tractors

I bought some Semi-Trucks from my friend Bruce at Promotex, and I thought I should review them. Took these pictures in the snow cause I thought it would make a nice background. Every tractor and trailer I will give a rating out of 10.

Peterbilt 389 w/ Cattle Hauler

This slick Peterbilt has chromed fenders, 7 inch stacks, sharp blue decals, with the cattle hauler it looks prety sleek.

The driver side. Pretty detailed for something so small.
The grill. You can make out a tiny Peterbilt logo. Very detailed. My camera didn’t focus so well in this picture. 8/10 very nice.
Now with the cattle hauler. Everything is lined up correctly, looks great.
Rear end of the trailer. Wheels are pretty nice. Would go great with your tractor collection. 7/10, nice but the lights should be painted.
Herpa Scania S580 w/ Amazon Prime trailer

This is a very well made model. Its a Scania with a diesel V8. You would find lots of these in Europe.

Front and grill. Nice big bumper w/ a light bar.
Driver side. Very fine detailing, you can see the little V8 emblem by the rear wheel. You can also see the exhaust. When these exhausts are open pipe they are loud!
Rear end of the Scania. Little V8 in there. You can see a Scania logo etched in there on the top.
Front end. I really like that big bumper and the light bar on there. Looks great. 9/10, would be a 10/10 but putting the mirrors in is much harder than it should be.
The Scania G-Series 6×2. Orange looks nice. My camera didn’t do a good job of focusing.
Nice little hazard lighs on top of the cabin. I don’t know why European trucks usually 6×2 or 4×2. Don’t you want more powered axles?
The tailgate opens aswell. It’s handy if you want to make a stop motion or something.
The dump lifts too! Nice little semi-truck. 7/10, I’d give it a 9/10 if there was a piston so that the dump could go up and down.
Volvo FH16 750. I apologize for the pictures not coming out well.
Looks pretty nice. I love the chrome!
Driver side. Not much detail on the sides. But it looks nice just plain.
Little engine in the back like the Scania. Nice little air filter.
Again I really like the chrome. 2 light bars, and a really nice grill. It’s amazing how detailed they can get these semi to get. You look at a Hotwheel and it doesn’t have half of this quality. 8/10, there is nothing I don’t like I just like the Scania a bit more!
The UPS Mercedes Sprinter. Cute little vehicle for your collection.
Nice little wheels. Very detailed.
Rear end. Small Mercedes logo, and a little latch for the door.
Nice headlights. It’s impressive with all of these 1/87 vehicles how detailed they are. The interior is incredible in all of these. 8/10, nothing wrong with it, its perfect.

Heres Bruce’s website,

400634 53′ Dry Van TNS151 Amazon Prime

093408 Mercedes Sprinter UPS

304047 Volvo FH 16 GL

309394 Scania CR ND 6X2, Dump Semi

310116 Scania CS20 Highroof W/Bumper, Lightbar

006597 Peterbilt 389, Chrome Fenders

005354 Cattle Trailer, Silver

Hope you liked the post today! Make sure to check out Promotex! Thanks, Patrick